Oct 2021

Immunai raises $215M Series B Round

The new funds will be used in order expand Immunai’s “drug actuary” platform to surface and evaluate new drug targets to surface and evaluate new drug targets.


June 2021

Glassbox Raises $100M in Initial Public Offering to Accelerate Innovation and Expand Market Reach

Glassbox, the leading provider of digital experience analytics for web and mobile applications, today announced the successful completion of its initial public offering on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE). The company has a post listing valuation close to half a billion dollars. 


June 2021

Diagnostic Robotics was Selected as One of Forbes' Next Billion Dollar Startupד

Meet Diagnostic Robotics: the Israeli Startup that assisted the fight against Covid-19


May 2021

Israeli Biotech Firm CEO Ranked Among Top 100 Harvard Tech Alumni of 2021

Noam Solomon, CEO of Israeli biotech firm Immunai, was ranked among the top 100 Harvard University alumni in technology of 2021, according to the Alumni Spotlight website


May 2021

Octopai Announces New Layered Data Lineage Platform

Israeli data discovery firm Octopai is today announcing a new platform, Data Lineage XD, to take on and automate the discovery and documentation of data transformations and flows within customer data estates. The “XD” stands for cross-dimensional, and that name is not mere marketing gimmickry. The Octopai system can map out what the company calls cross-system lineage, inner-system lineage, and end-to-end column lineage.


April 2021

Skyline Robotics was named one of the top 50 Robotics Leaders by BuiltWorlds

This list features leading companies in the landscape of robotic solutions & insights, with each offering innovative solutions in the areas of 3D Printing, Autonomous Heavy Equipment, Service Robotics, or Monitoring Robotics


March 2021

Rapid Medical Receives FDA Clearance for the First Adjustable Stent Retriever for Use in Ischemic Stroke Treatment

The FDA clearance of TIGERTRIEVER is a significant milestone in the development and growth of Rapid’s global business. It is a great testament to the advantages of our proprietary 3D braiding technology- the platform for our portfolio of remotely adjustable neurovascular devices, including the Comaneci and Columbus products.


February 2021

Immunai raises $60M as is expands from improving immune therapies to discovering new ones, too

Just two years after its founding, biotech startup Immunai has raised $60 million in Series A funding, bringing its total raised to over $80 million. Despite its youth, Immunai has already established the largest database in the world for single cell immunity characteristics, and it has already used its machine learning-powered immunity analysts platform to enhance the performance of existing immunotherapies. Aided by this new funding, it’s now ready to expand into the development of entirely new therapies based on the strength and breadth of its data and ML.


January 2021

The Founders of Interai were nominated to the prestige Forbes 30 Under 30 List

Meet Tomer Suarez and Imri Hecht, the founder of Interai


November 2020

Ananda Networks was Nominated to CRN's List of 20 Coolest Startups in 2020

From AI security and Kubernetes to storage and edge networking, here are 20 of the hottest technology startups in 2020


November 2020

DouxMatok to Receive a Special Mention in the Time Magazine 100 best Inventions in 2020

What if your baked goods, chocolates and candy could taste just as sweet while containing a lot less sugar? Incredo Sugar is a newly engineered form of the sweetener that allows bakers and food companies to reduce sugar content by 30-50% while retaining the same level of sweetness. That means it could help to reduce sugar consumption (and the host of health problems it causes). But you can’t spoon the stuff into your coffee—at least not yet. Instead, Incredo sells to consumer brands, bakeries, and other food makers, mostly in Israel, though the company recently struck a manufacturing deal with a major U.S. sugar supplier to begin selling into the American market


October 2020

Varada One of Three Companies Covered in Gartner's Cool Vendors in Data Management

Data and analytics leaders must continually modernize their data infrastructure to reduce cost, improve performance and innovate faster. Vendors are delivering new data management technologies and new ways to exploit data in disparate data stores that add more value.


August 2020

Ananda Networks was Selected Winner in the 15th Annual Network PG's 2020 IT World Awards

The SVUS Awards®, organizers of the world’s premier business and innovation awards programs, today announced the Grand, Gold, Silver and Bronze winners in the 15th Annual Network PG’s 2020 IT World Awards®.


December 2019

Harvard Researchers Find Significant Clinical Impact and Savings with MedAware’s Patient Safety Platform

The study analyzed MedAware’s clinical relevance and accuracy and estimated the platform’s direct cost savings for adverse events potentially prevented in Massachusetts General and Brigham and Women’s Hospitals’ outpatient clinics. If the system had been operational, the estimated direct cost savings of the avoidable adverse events would have been more than $1.3 million when extrapolating the study’s findings to the full patient population.


July 2019

The Marker: Twine Solutions - The printer that knows all the colors - is one of Israel's 20 most disruptive startups in 2019

Twine is developing a digital printer for dynamically dyeing thread to shorten production processes and save textile manufacturers unnecessary inventory and pollution. The current process of dyeing thread includes  coloring each thread with only one color, requires mass production of thousands of kilometers of thread all at once, and requires huge quantities of water that pollute the environment. 


June 2019

DouxMatok Accelerates Commercializing Great Tasting Sugar Reduction Solution in Foods, Raising $22 Million Series B Round from Leading Financial and Strategic Investors

DouxMatok is making strides to commercialize its game-changing solution for sugar reduction, while making the food we love healthier. 


May 2019

CNN: Robots find a new job - Skyscraper window washers

Israeli startup Skyline Robotics wants to replace those roles with robots, while employing the same people who currently hold those jobs.


June 2019

Precise Irrigation Startup Saturas Awarded $1.7 Million Horizon 2020 Grant by the European Union

Saturas develops sensors that are attached to vines and tree trunks providing real-time hydration status reports that enable farmers to optimize irrigation


April 2019

Twine’s digital thread dyeing system to launch at ITMA

Twine Solutions, an Israeli technology start-up, will officially launch its digital thread dyeing system, which dyes raw and off-the-shelf white thread, during live demonstrations at the ITMA 2019 show, which takes place from 20-26 June in Barcelona.


February 2019

Vorpal - AT&T and Microsoft test Network Edge Compute to enhance 5G for business

Companies implementing a proof of concept to bring Microsoft Azure cloud services closer to the edge.


January 2019

Glassbox Adopted by 4 Largest Banks in US

Glassbox’s Web and Mobile Digital Customer Management Solution Adopted by the Four Largest US Banks


October 2018

China’s Vice President visit to Saturas

During the Israeli Innovation summit, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has chosen SATURAS LTD to demonstrate the Israeli innovations in Agriculture to China’s Vice President Wang Qishan


 January 2018

Gefen Capital was selected as one of the 10 most active funds in Israel in 2017

Vertex Israel is the most active VC fund in 2017 –
leading the list with 12 new investments

Summary of Israeli High-Tech Company Capital Raising 2011


November 2017

Meet the liquor distributor who is funding Israeli start-ups

Gefen Capital has evaluated 600 businesses, made 10 investments in less than a year.


August 2016

DISCOVER launches first start-up competition in Israel with Gefen Capital

Discover and Gefen will begin accepting applications on September 5, and announce winners 10 days later, who will receive travel stipends and registration to the Money20/20 conference, as well as an equity investment from Gefen Capital.